Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Housebreaking can be an exhausting process. Only very consistent training can reinforce the concept that dogs should empty themselves outside...not on the pretty wood floors. Much of the time if the puppy was raised by a great breeder they will be well on their way to being house trained when they go to their homes, but the nervousness and newness makes this continuity difficult. According to EasyDogTrainingCenter, housebreaking can also be a great way to begin the relationship of dog to owner.

There's a reason puppies are cute--it's to help owners put up with all the early morning "I want to go outside" whining. Puppies don't want to dirty their surroundings anymore than you want to stay in nasty dirty gym clothes for hours.

So just be persistent about taking the little darling outside (yes, even at 2 am).

Accidents do happen, they're inevitable. Be they owners deciding to ignore the puppy sitting staring at the yard intently, or the puppy waking up and getting too excited. Just move on and clean up the mess and don't forget to spray a de-odorizer/anti-stain spray. The de-odorizer spray makes the scent go away so the dog (or another dog for that matter) doesn't smell it and want to mark in the same spot again (beside the obvious that we don't want to smell it either).

As for that precious hardwood floor we discussed earlier, there's hope for getting the odor out of it as well: eHow

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